what boat do you have?

Well; after the “what IOM you want?” and after Roy’s very longggggggggg list of IOM’s (great one); I was thinking of another thread:
What rc boat/yacht do you have(own)?

As for me:
Seawind by Kyosho <font color=“red”>modified…</font id=“red”>
Innovator (36/600)
and the ONLY electric boat on the AMYA site…go figure out [;)]

how about you guys/ladies?

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if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


My list, smallest first (these are the ones that are in sailing condition anyway!);
2 footies,
CKT prototype,
Multione Cat,
Mini 40 Cat.
+various other hulls and rigs and bits…and 2 fullsize dingys and a single handed skiff!

There you go!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Fastest first? I have Four Nightmares I, III, IV, V, F-3, Viper 10R, 60" x 3" beam javelin, new unfinished US-1M 3-1/4" beam, Venom US-1M, ORCO, Two concentric circle US-1M (own design), Owm design US-1M, Zipper I, S/W modified higher freeboard (this is fast but only sailed twice), S/W std., 2"x4" brick was just checking out the saying, Atlantis(incomplete), Fairwind, Victoria, and two Tradewinds sent to Tahiti never to be head from again. Last count was 20.

Forgot I sent my two Laser’s to my grandchildren. But I guess those aren’t mine anymore.

That would be a wooden Marblehead and a one design ‘Open 60’


Here’s my fleet.

RC Laser.


I just bought my first boat and havnt been able to sail it yet as I live in Marquette Mi on Lake Superior. Any comments on this boat out there?

I guess it would have helped to mention the boat is a megatech narvana

The Nirvana is a well designed and capable boat. It likely will be a new AMYA racing class soon.
It is watertight as far as the radio box goes.
The only negative is that it is manufactured by Megatech, who puts cheaply made and far underpowered servos in it’s hull. You will notice that you will need to put the bow into the wind to sheet in the main. After awhile, your servos will begin to fail.
No sweat. You can install Hitec equipment and remedy the situation. The Hitec HS645 sail servo has 3 times the power of the standard equipment item. The Hitec servos (sail and steering) will cost you less than $100 and they readily plug in to the Megatech receiver with slight modification.
I would also suggest that you re-rig the entire boat with Laser-Pro 90# line. This includes the stainless steel shrouds as they are prone to breaking.
Once these changes are made you will have a very reliable boat that sails really well.


Longest to shortest:
a. Whitbread 60, copy of the boat used in wind tunnel testing before the 97-98 race. “Tracks like its on rails” and planes, too.
b. 2-Talon II USOM’s that can be converted to F-100’s without CBTF technology.
c. Talon III IOM prototype. Sssshhhhhhh!
d. Zipper II 36-600 “Crash Test Dummy”.
e. Victoria with permitted mods.

Fastest to most fun.

Saber US1M : this boat screams and is easy to sail
Kite IOM:" still tuneing this boat but am getting close
Variant US1M : This is possibly the most fun and great balance.

i’m sailing a victoria, building a us1m advance mk1, and have the female mold for a 37" flat bottom skiff.

i love tinkering with these boats it takes up time i’m sure my girfreind is going to hate it soon

America 3 by Victor
<s>IOM</s> Soling 1M by Victor Yachts (not completed yet)

“<font size=“2”>dont know why i have that IOM on my mind [:-bunny] (thanks peter)</font id=“size2”>”

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edit:corrected boat type</font id=“green”>

<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>IOM by Victor Yachts (not completed yet)<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”></blockquote id=“quote”></font id=“quote”>

Ummm…is this something new???

Victor has never made an IOM to the best of my recollection.

Peter R.

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Well I have a Nirvana (good for mounting on the wall to look at)
A Scepter US1M
Currently building my own design US1M code named WILD-ONE
Also have a 13? dingy, a power boat (wife?s idea) and sold my Beloved Island Packet 38 a wile back

Victoria with mods,
Cobra Marblehead,
Tech 1 AC and
Vintage Marblehead



Easter Bunny[:-bunny]
Man, its great to see that I am not alone in my <font color=“limegreen”><font size=“2”>Madness</font id=“size2”></font id=“limegreen”>[:-clown]
There are others just as nutty as myself with far too many yachts than they could ever hope to use at one time. My qualifacations to join this wonderful group are:
A Footy, partially built.
A class, 1986 Australian champion boat.
Four foot six, 1930`s vintage class.
Marblehead, 1985 Canadian champion boat
F48, Trimaran.
IOM, V5,(awaiting delivery)
TERE Project, Speed record craft,(under construction)[:-crazy]
Easter Rat[:-mouse]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

Happy Easter all, unfortunately some of us have to work the weekend - on night shift!

My fleet:-
Two Bobabout Footies on the bench for the grand children.One just needs a keel bulb to finish it.
IOM Mandarin. My first r/c yacht.
IOM Kite. Self built in cedar - Bonny Boat!
IOM ISIS. In a box, custody of Royal Mail. Should be delivered tomorrow. Six month wait, but will be worth it. Do I hear murmerings of jelousy?? Still need to build the rigs.
Past Fleet:-
Enterprise dinghy.
Loch Long OD
Javelin dinghy
Hunter Sonata
Albin Express
Beneteau First 35
Hunter Impala OOD
Knees and back now need a rest!

smallest to biggest,
3 “Bobabout footies”
1 “PipSqueak footy”
1 “state of the art footy with all the trimmings”
1 430mm prototype rental boat…sails real well to.
1 prototype balsa 540 design
1 Bantock designed double chine IOM
1 Stealth IOM
1 own design “Predator” IOM

6m Trailer yacht designed and built by my father,highly modified by yours truly in recent years.
before this numerous one design dinghies in all the usual NZ classes,all built by myself and often redesigned to exploit the full building tolerance of there class.

Interesting so far those that have responded own more then 2 boats a few own a heck of a lot.

Well with this been only my first year at rc sailing I am proud to say i own one Victoria class (with mods)

cannot wait to get more