twin keel footy


Arthur C Robb eh? I trust you will acknowledge his place of origin? :smiley:

Very sorry for being off topic (again) - but only very briefly.

Was he a New Zealander? That I did not know. A highly talented and very underrated practitioner of the art.

Probably his best effort.

This is an experimental Footy twin keel setup from about three years ago.
Don`t be concerned with the large carbon tube, that is not involved in this part of the discussion.

The bulb was slung on a stainless wire about 6 inches or 150 mm below the waterline.
It did not work.:confused:

There was not enough area on the fins to prevent excessive leeway.
The idea was scrapped and we moved on. :scared: As you do.

nice hull Ian, although a bit skinny for my taste.
If I undersood correctly you had two fins, and a separate bulb hung on steel wire.

Yes, correct on the bulb.
You are right on with your observation of skinneyness.
There is not enough buoyancy in this hull for an r/c Footy.
It was set up as a vane steered unit to try out the twin keel concept.:witch:

Maybe you could try compensating for small fin area by increasing the rudder area. I will post some pictures to ilustrate the idea as soon as I scan them.