Twenty Years ago today...

Just noticed a posting on that 20 years ago today (ok, yesterday…) the Aussies took the America’s Cup down under. Anyone have predictions who will win the next cup? Maybe we need another Bill Koch to bankroll a challenge? Will there ever been another development as big as the winged keel?


All hail Alan Bond ,Ben Lexcen,John Bertrand and the other members of the crew of Australia II!!! According to Seahorse magazine Ben Lexcen(Bob Miller) has not yet been inducted into the AC Hall of Fame because of simmering resentment by some New York Yacht Club members-that should stop and the sorry losers involved should apologize to Lexcens family and induct him NOW!
In my humble opinion CBTF is already as big as the winged keel in terms of the technological breakthru it represents ; the speed generated by adding CBTF to a design is far greaer than that achieved by adding wings to a design(at least as they are and have been configured).Alas, CBTF is not legal in the IACC boats(yet?)…
Who will win the next Cup? Alinghi if Coutts sails. Who would I like to see win? Dennis Conner or anyone from the US…
Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

Maybe Bill Koch will return to AC racing… that would be very interesting… Unfortunately I’m not sure if that’s anything he would want to do. All I have heard about him lately is that he owns both Il Moro and America3 and stores them in Newport (I think that’s where they are–perhaps he’s looking to enter some of those nostalgia-type America’s Cup boat regattas with them?). With the cup being quite a few years away, I guess anything is possible.


Team GBR are gonna win next time! :wink:

If its not blowing it sucks!

Ben lexen should be admitted to the hall of fame. after all you can trace ALL the iacc directly to him. those wings on the keel were an early form of bulb. and the new york yacht club should shoot themselves for snubbing a great man like ben. i feel like going down there an ordering lunch.
as for who will win next. i put my money on cris dickson. and oracle. i would say russel couts but it looks like he will be leaving now that peter holmgren is there
go cris.
i would like to say canada but we dont even have a boat?

Coutts leaving Alinghi? You have too much SA in your diet!


i was just on a website ,that brings me information from down under. and that is where i first heard of a rift between coutts and berterli. and then i found out that holmgren had sign with alinghi. you do the math. somebody has to leave the boat. butterwoth? or coutts