That Ugly Word "RULES"

amphibian boats huh? see the S&S duk… if you need a water-going jeep, thats the one to have! [it might even be able to do a nascar move to a footy…]:wink:

Instead of trying to learn or teach ALL the rules at once, why not just go with one rule, say for a week, or a month even. Start with, say Rule 11 (windward/leeward.) When everybody has a good feel for it, then add another, like Rule 10 (port/startbd,) and so on.

a rule a week:
that could work, although perhaps it might bring the evil sealawyer out in us all…

Yeah - but its a super compromise between Tallastro and whatisname!

Actually, if I had to do a self-catagorization (is there such a word?) I would offer that when it comes to rules and their enforcement - I would deem myself very conservative. When it comes to class rules, you already know that if it doesn’t have a reasonable reason for being there, remove it. And when it comes to boat design - I am liberal - but I do have a conservative streak as well. I just get very frustrated, when someone takes a clean sheet of paper, wants to create a racing class, and then proceeds to dumb-down the boats aand/or their performance so they become a commodity instead of a performance yacht.

If you are playing the game of not wanting to spend money - stay with as pure of a one-design as possible. Seriously - similar to the old Laser rules - NOTHING can be changed. As soon as you start dealing with change - it is difficult to know where to stop - and all will not see the same point of stopping development. On the other hand - if you want to develop and the cost thing is too much to bear - simply don’t participate - but have the respect to allow others to develop and spend money. Big sailboat racing is a money game - so I have no idea why anyone would think the little ones are much different than the big ones - except perhaps with fewer zeros in the total cost.

My own viewpoint is that if I am going to spend vast sums of money, it will be for large or complex development ideas - I will not see any cost benefit to spending numerous dollars to scrape off a few ounces on servo weight, when I know I could save pounds by going to carbon hull, as example.

And with all due respect for the Footy class and all small boats, if it can’t sail in over 8 mph of wind speed, it really is a toy - and there are too many toys out there trying to be something they are not. Look at any sport - if you wouldn’t use cheap, inexpensive, low grade equipment, why would you consider doing it in r/c sailing?

Probably changes our agreement levels, right Angus? :wink:

Super Intellectual Response from a member of the Technical Committee.

Rules is Rules… Don’t like them. Change Them…

Have you been consistent yet. Why not take a clear stance and progress one view not blow smoke trying to hide behind false modesty.

More like what he knows, than whatisname, wouldn’t you say. Affraid of what I might raise next ?? I would consider that one carefully…

Are you building the rules for your benefit only? Clearly there is a motif which is not impartial in any sense.

Highjack the Thread and all you do is continue the debate and the obvious negative outcomes you seek. Is your ego that big taht you must be right all the time?

Highjacking is a standard tactic by egomaniacs when they want to distract from the intent of the message.

Go back a week or two and see the disparaging remarks you make about somebody’s design ideas (not mine) and a pattern seems to appear.

You don’t know everything about design and from what I see, it is locked in the past with little in the way of tactile innovation.

Move forward or lose… That is what happens in all developing classes/ideas.

What’s your motto…?? Hmmmm…:lol:

This thread stops here guys.
I think this thread has gone beyond useful.
I don’t want to have to start deleting posts and giving warnings .