Tell tales question(s) ?

After reading and checking some articles about tell tales; I came up with these settings…is that ok or do you have other ideas?



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Your jib telltales look too far back. It looks as if you are using a 1 inch mark to set them up which is not bad, but you seem to have the actual telltales back at about 1 ? to 2 inches, which is just to far back. I feel that these are your most important sailing aids with the exception of a good wind indicator. Just make sure you have one on each side as I’m sure you know.

The mainsail telltales should be placed at max. draft area of the sail. The midpoint of the telltale should be right at max. draft. The trailing edge telltales you have are good for indicating correct leech tension and twist.

I made this MS word doc a few years ago. Have a look if you like

I would also note that your red dots are too big. About a third the size would work just fine. I might think that the ones you have would possibly effect sail shape.

the dots are just “painted”…nothing was put yet on the sails yet…just drew it with paintbrush [:p]

the tell tails are from SAILsetc…maybe the tails are a bit too loong…will need to check further

anyway thanks


PS nice doc you made there…will link it on my web if its ok!??

if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

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if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


Greg’s advice is spot on!

The only thing I would add is that you might want another main leach telltale a bit higher on the sail. The top of the sail is going to stall first and the sooner you catch it the better you can adjust your heading, trim or twist (depending on where in the tuning cycle you are). Try adding one more halfway between the upper batten and the headboard.

Will Gorgen