Sticker story

Okay Im heading out the door to walk down to the pond for my very first voyage of the season with my Soling one meter. Just before leaving I decide to apply the two class insignia stickers to either side of my mainsail just for the heck of it. Never got around to it last year. Okay so I go up the street to where there is always a HUGE wind funnel effect between two very large multi story apartment buildings. I’m already a little concerned about the forecast which I read, before leaving, for twenty five M.P.H. winds and I’m thinking I must be out of my mind doing what I’m doing except I really wanted to go sailing badly because it had been a long winter of day-dreaming about going sailing and I wanted to make my dream a reality.Plus the ice was finally gone

anyway When I got to the afore mentioned wind funnel effect place, there was a blast of wind which felt like the slipstream of a jumbo jet at full throttle. Then I noticed that the two class insignia stickers were like probably on there way out of there at like warp speed and heading for Europe or some place really far away. Oh well who needs them anyway. I guess I need to figure out a way to paint things on the sail so they won’t blow off.

Had a great sail though. Nice windy day.

Happy to hear that…mine was 2 weeks ago…


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!