Speed Runs.

You can set many GPSs to record average speed over a minute or more.





GPS and software…able to track down and check your datas!!:long:

Gecko is here…waiting for the snow to melt!

Check out this cool site, I do not know if it is RC but would not be hard to convert. The videos are good

A.B., refer to the lengthy R/C Sailing Record thread. Monofoil inventor jumps in at post #56.

Good for you, IanHB, for throwing down the gauntlet for a SIMPLE, fun way to compare and challenge speeds. Thank you.


were would I find that thread?

A.B., just scroll past this text to the bottom of the page. Its the first link in the column under Similiar Threads.


The week long Freesailing A Class Champs in UK has been going for he last 80 yrs. During most of that time there has been a cup, the Wing and Wing, awarded for the fastest boat on a run. This used to be by timekeeping over the 810ft course from a standing start but is now based on most downwind match races won.

Boats are sometimes still timed out of curiosity though. Less than 59 seconds is a very good time in a stiff breeze through to a force 6. When it is windier than this nobody seems to be sufficiently unoccupied to do the timing.

These boats are around 7ft OAL on a 54inch LWL, carry a spinnaker, weigh in the region of 40 lbs with a small max draught of around 12 inches. They are also caught by hand at the end of the runs. The lake is concrete edged. It is quite a spectacle.

A quick calculation suggests an average speed of about 4.2 metres/second or 8.1kts



gosport fleetwood.jpg

Staffs is only down the road so Ill take it extra careful with the speed, thanks for the heads up

Earlier in this thread, someone claimed that some of the boats were displacement hulls. I wouldn’t really call it “displacement” when 5 knots or whatever is about double hull speed.

Speed run of a 50" marblehead size hull, 6.3 knots in 17 knots of wind

(this boat does not conform to any class rules)


Next step: Any suggestionshow to turn this into a foiler?

Some suggestions from this Speed Dream Project !