Snatched from the jaws of Ice: a story

Okay its a really nice day, right after the holiday, so I can’t pass up a chance to go and sail. I remember I charged my batteries two weeks before, so I figure I should top them off for a few hours before I head out. Shouldn’t be a problem for a quick sail Right?.. so I head down to the pond with my Soling, and when I get there I see there’s a large area that has no Ice right by where I usually sail.(I had done a recon mission to check this an hour before) Its like a gigantic harbor surrounded by Ice on three sides.

Okay so I put the boat in, and I’m sailing around, and I have some friends with me who I teach how to sail, and we’re having a nice time, the sun is shining, I’m making digital movies, and all seems fine untill…

No more radio signal.Okay don’t panic. I can always go get my kayak in an emergency. LUCKILY when it died the rudder was centered, and the sheets were at beam reach. so the boat decides to casually go and slide its nose onto the ice on one side of the harbor. Solings do this well with their curved stems. At this point I’m running around trying to get near the boat in vain hopes of getting the signal back. So then the boat, still no signal, decides to sail straight to the other side of the ice harbor, like a devious dog let loose from its leash, and casually slide its nose up onto that shelf of ice. At this point I’m kindof freaking out because I forget that I even have a kayak, and I picture having to wait untill the spring when the ice melts to get the boat back.

Then the boat decided to behave itself and sail back across the harbor, and by this time it had worked itself to windward of a peninsula of ice. Beyond the peninsula was a fallen willow tree which sticks out over the pond in all directions, and the boat managed to work itself in among the branches to where I could reach it. Heavy sigh of relief.


hmmm, or get a tug[:-angel]

what i did
check this:

it may help


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

grin Paderewski Model Yacht Club (AMYA 101 in Plainville, CT) went sailing on New Year’s Eve. There was a huge chunk of ice (like an acre) floating 25’ offshore, but all that meant was that there WAS open water. EC12’s make grand icebreakers and sound cool while doing it :).

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Graeme, Wind in the Willows.

Ha! Wis…

I’d love to have my boat saved by a duck!

Great Link!