I have no wxperience of Depron but I know that Mike Woodhouse of Free Flight Supplies sells it. He is very helpful. Ask him.


We now have a carbon hull weighing 12 g. The laminate is 3 layers (mostly) of 16 g/m2 carbon tissue in an epoxide matrix. Some internal stiffening will be needed, but not much. I am reasonably sure that with more experience of the material the hull could be significantly lighter.

Achieving this state of affairs has taken some doing. The problem is that the carbon tissue behaves like cardboard in the way it bends and the binder does not dissolve in epoxide. Final inspiration came when we held the tissue over a flame and burned the binder off. This does not appear to have any nasty effects on the adhesion of the carbon to the resin and makes it much more ‘push-arroundable’ - a bit like old-fashioned chopped-strand mat.

For the cost-conscious, the materials for the hull are probably about USD 1 more than for glass/epoxide.

Any comments?