Safety Boats!

So far this week Ive managed to pitchpole my cat 6 times (ah the joys of developing model boats!), once requiring a long wade out, and if you saw the lake I use you’d know that ain’t nice! So Ive decided to build a 2’ long waterjet powerboat to save that all that hassel from an hull I built years ago and using a waterpump of the kind the scale guys use on their tugs/fireboats. Just wondering what other boats have been built for this reason!

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I built a 50" rescue/ mark setting/mark retrieval boat. It was based on an early hard chined “planning” hull design of mine. I put a 3" air conditioning hose around it pretty neatly so that it appeaered to be a model Zodiac. The back end had a 14" section like a dump truck where the mark and anchor weight were stowed; when the right spot was found you just flipped a switch on the radio and the back tilted up dumping the mark.
Resuce was done by simply pushing the boat back to shore because just under the surface at the bow were mounted two removable carbon tubes that veed out way in front of the boat-it would work well on deep keeled boat regardless of which way THEY might want to go; the veed tubes were also used to snag the mark anchor line and move it or tow it back to shore.

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Hi guys
well some time ago, my seawind used to make a 180 in the middle of the lake…the water was very cold…so i bought a cheap tug from here

it helps sometimes…
this tug has enough power to handle my seawind, but not sure about bigger boats

hope it helps


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