Rotate rudder to fit box???

Ive rededesigned my rudder…now fits in the box without turning.
(overhanging rudder)
nice disscussion though and we are still not clear on what the legality is…
I will post details of the new boat on a seperate thread sometime soon.

Any hints as to the design??

Ok,here is an update on the design that prompted this question.
The hull is 13 inches long and is in the BobAbout style.
it has a waterline length of 12.5 inches with a small “V” cutout at the stern where a overhanging rudder is installed.
The bow is higher than the normal BobAbout and has 1/2inch overhang.
The keel is the same depth as before,approx 6 inches.
This boat fits across the box on the diagonal with the stern lowered at an angle.The rig is able to fit into the box as well.(main and jib boom)
This boat is not of radical design,it is a fairly normal looking hull …just a lengthened BobAbout.I was easily able to accomadate the design changes,ie the extra length,high bow and overhanging rudder without going to any extremes or compromises
Is this good for the class? If there was a Footy race tommorrow this is the boat I would like to sail,I havn’t sailed it yet but the basic design has been proved before(BobAbout) I am confident my changes make it a better boat.
Do our rules have a problem? or are we happy that this "may " become the norm?

Well, since you only have to find a way to jam the boat somehow into the box to meet the size rule, it certainly does bring up some possibilities. if you need to have the bow up to get the boat in, you could also lengthen the keel fin by sweeping it forward.

The only other “pure box” rule I’m aware of, the UK 36 inch Restricted rule, allows both tilting of the boat (implicitly) and rotating of the rudder around “its normal axis of rotation” to fit in the box.



The Formula 48 Class is 48 inches OAL x 48 inches OAB with 1400 square inches of sail area - and no kites … which is about as unrestricted and developmental as you can get. Oh - and more than one hull.