R/C Sailing Links Required

Hi Guy,

I am upgrading our website and I need your help with r/c sailing links, there will be different categories eg:
Other Classes
Personal Pages

If you don’t have a link which will not fit into one of the above categories please suggest a title for that link. I would like as many as possible.

I also would like to know if anyone has any photos which relate to R/C multihull’s either sailing or under construction which they would like on our website under the heading of “World R/c Multihull Scene” or if you have a better heading let me know.
Provider of photo will receive full recognition if you so desire.
Could you please email me the link to kylie_vale@hotmail.com or post it here.

Thanks Guys for your help

Publicity Officer
Qld R/c Multihull Owners Association

hi kylie
if you want to. you could post up my own club. we dont have many members but we are growing?
your friend

Thankyou for your link and hopefully with your club on our website your club may grow.