Paint ABS hull, rudder and keel

Hi, I am building my frist 1m radio control sail boat. I bought a kit from ProBoats, 1 meter Cup Yatch. The address on the instruction is from Sidney Austrailia. The hull, keel and rudder are made from ABS. I have despared all the parts of extra flashing. Now I would like to paint the hull, keel and rudder before I assemble the boat. I have lightly sanded all the parts with 400 git sand. I have epoxy the lead tear drop shape bulb to the keel and filled in the gaps with body contorl pudy. Should I sand the lead blub too? I would like to do a fancy paint job with a high gloss shine.

What type of paint should I use? Should I use acrlyic or enamal? What type of tricks have ya’ll used to achive a high gloss finsh? I am planing to use bright yellow as my base color and fire engine red as and accent color. I will make my own decals for the boat name. I am thinking about using blue painter tape to mask out area that I do not want to paint. Should I use a can of spary paint or an air brush? If used the air brush The hull might take a long time to paint with a tiny airbrush. Do ya’ll use and airbrush or a can of spray paint to paint the hull of your boats?

I thank ya’ll all in advance for any and all suggestion that would help me to paint this boat and achive my desire out come of a high polish finish and hopefully a sharp looking and kewl paint job. I might not have the fast boat on the lake but I would like to have the greatist looking boat.

Good Sail,
Palm Beach County Florida

what i have done in the past is use 220 grit sandpaper. you want the paint to have something to grab a hold off. and then use a primer coat. automotive will work fine and it is sandable. then use what ever you feel comfortable using. just remember top stay with the same brand
I just use a spray can for my models but finish is not that important to me
good luck and happy sailing

Most hobby shops sell paints that are designed for use on model car bodies. Those are ABS as well and this paint is well suited for ABS hulls.

Make sure you wash and sand the boat well to get the mold release off the hull or the paint won’t stick. I alternated with soapy water and rubbing alcohol 2 times each and it worked great.

I wetsanded my hull with 600 and then 1200 grit (mirror polishing) paper. you do not need a coarse surface for the paint to stick. A rough surface like 220 grit will just mean more sanding later to get a nice finish.

Good luck

Will Gorgen

i uagree with will the reason i use the 220 is so that the primer can get a hold. and then the primer will fill most of the rough surface. then your top coat will smooth it out. but make sure you have a clean surface