Oz 750s

These are indeed very interesting boats. My suspicious mind suggest that they are a small group within which EVERY boat is radical. This may well be because they have cast of the inhibitions of us mere mortals: it may also be because they are a small community of inbred freaks.

Does anyone have any hard information about their performance against any well-known yardstick?


A well sorted 1 metre would give them a good run for their money around a course, especially upwind. They are really quick at times, and really bad at others.
The appeal of a class like this is the design aspect of the boats. If you want really good racing go to a one design class.
The thing with these is you could be half a leg ahead and then just stop whilst your opponent has got it in the groove and gets by you.
It make for interesting, if not close, racing.


Suspicions confirmed Angus :zbeer:

Some folks say that about us “multihullers” too ! :sly:

…of course, most don’t know what they speak of either. :lol:

Yeah Dick, but it’s TRUE what they say about you multihullers!!! :smiley: