Overdue Photos!

So a month or so ago, I posted from Auckland saying I would upload a picture or two of some of the cup boats. In another thread (NZL32) I recently posted this picture of my behind the shrine of NZL32:

I thought I would also throw up this picture of my wife infront of the two cup boats available for charter (we sailed on NZL 41, the former nippon challange JPN41) with “The Big Boat” in the background:

And for Doug and you other techies, a picture of the underside of the Big Boats Bow. Now I know I am a rookie when it comes to fin design, but I think this trap door picture here might be proof of Mr Fay playing with a forward foil at some point:

Hope you all enjoy!

The “trap door” was for the kelp cutter.

Kelp cutter that far forward of the keel? Seems, shall we say, unlikely…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Roy, unfortuneately have to agree with doug here. I know the picture might not show it too well, but there is some 14-20 feet (guessing here) between the cutout picture and leading edge of the keel. There was however also a kelp cutter trap door immediately infront of the keel and also one infront of the rudder if my memory serves me correctly.

If they were using this door as a kelp cutter access point, I would love to see how it was done!


Maybe I was remembering the doors in front of the keel. If it is an additional door further forward, it was likely just an inspection port. But why do I think Doug will have another theory…[:-spin]

tb where is your web site to nzl 32 . i would not mind seeing it