Notice of Race

The Queensland Titles of the mini40 will be conducted by the Queensland R/C Multihull Owners Association on 19 September 2004 at North Lakes Brisbane.

At this time there is not enough interest in the two metre class to hold a Queensland Titles for that class, but hope in the future that this position changes as that class grows.

To be eligible to compete you would have to be either a member of the club or a member of an affilate club of the Australian Radio Yachting Association.

With prior knowledge there maybe boats available to “borrow” to compete in the event, but you would still be required to meet the above mentioned guidelines.

We are expecting a minimum of 10 boats to compete this year. All skippers receive a competitors plaque.

The event is currently conducted on a single day, but as numbers require it will need to be raced over a weekend. We sail ten races to find the champion with the two worst individual results dropped.

I am hoping that some interstate or overseas visitors may be able to compete this year, which is the reason for posting this notice of race at this time.

I can be contacted via e-mail for more information.

If they are not a member how can overseas visitors come there and compete?

It comes down to insurance. If someone came from overseas they would need to “join” the club to be covered against litigation. I can’t change the rules …sorry.

It’s the same thing as going to a world title part of the entrance fee is to cover insurance. (the organising committee won’t tell you this)

We are holding our A.G.M. in two weeks so i’ll bring it up there to clarify the ruling and post the response.

My guess would be that if the A.M.Y.A, ran a titles for the F-48 class in the states, the situation would be similar.
Maybe Dick could check into this please.


Peter - I will check here. In our “big boat” class, US Sailing only required membership in one’s national organization. ie: If you are a member of Aussie National Sailing Assoc., you would be covered under our event insurance. Now it may well be, that the event insurance covered visitors via special rider.

Anyone reading that was involved in the last IOM Worlds know how competitors from other countries were covered?

What happened at the IOM worlds was that all skippers were representing there own country which meant they were covered under the membership to I.S.A.F-R.S.D.

I know this is different to what I posted earlier, but I made some enquiries myself of a skipper at that world title.

Sorry for the earlier miss information, I stand corrected and apoligise.

We had our AGM today and the question was asked concerning overseas visitors. There would only be an entry fee to pay provided the visitor sailed with a club or organisation that carried liability insurance.

Hope this clears things up abit.