My wooden sharpie

Show and tell.

This is my sharpie which I launched last summer. I sortof made the hull without much of a plan, imagining that maybe that was how the real ones were made. I did make a cardboard mock-up to get the plank shapes, and bent them around frames on a strongback. The planking is pine lattuce, the deck is leftover 4mm Okuome, and it has a centerboard trunk like the real ones but with lead on the bottom . She’s fifty three inches over all, and the keel is only about eight pounds. The semi patriotic sails are cotton cloth which is very stretchy. She has a third mast step tube so I can sail with one mast in a blow. I’ve always thought sharpies would make a great informal racing class. I believe the real ones were sometimes raced. I had her out one day when it was blowing so hard that none of the MIT racers were out,or so I’d like to think, and she went down wind on her flat bottom like she had warp drive engines, with never the slightest hint of a nose-dive.

Download Attachment: [ sharpie.jpg]( Storrow/200428165247_sharpie.jpg)

Nice boat John!

I do somthing similar to that from time to time, just raid the box of balsa, varnish it, shove a couple of servos in it and see how it sails. Always makes good conversation point at the sailing club bar, no matter how well it works! Made a couple of footies that way with some success. Ill dig them out and post some pics sometime…

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Way to go ,John-very nice looking!

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing