Multi Channel RC Sailing

I’m interested in hearing from people with multi chanel experience in rc sailing . I’d also like to hear from people with multi channel rc experience even if it is in aircraft, helicopters or robots if they could relate it to which hand they’d prefer to use to control extra functions;whether or not they feel two functions on one stick could work from their experience applied to rc sailing and just general observations from a control standpoint.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

[:-smile_green]Doug, For some time I sailed my
EC12 with a seperate jib winch on the flap control of a 7 channel rig I had at the time.Operated with my left thumb.
Since then I moved to an ACE Nautical Commander system which has 6 channels two of which are controlled by parallel levers on the left side.I may have a picture which I will attach. This rig is now for sale NZ$400 approx
US$260 as I am now using a Robbe FX 14 which for me is the radio which will see me out.
Eight model memories,6 channels with the ability to upgrade to 32 channels (mostly switched),mixers,digital trims,exponential movement if desired, (I do use this on my AC15 rudder as the boat moves so fast)everthing you could ever want but were afraid to ask for.
It would most likely make Tea if I knew how to program it. My advise is to keep the right hand for rudder only and put each function on its own channel. Sure the right hand can operate other functions but with other fingers not those
used to steer. When you come around that bottom mark with the fleet on your tail you need to have your act together and not be trying to remember which knob or lever cants the keel to port.[:-spin] Two functions on one channel is OK if it is something like automatic downhual
with the backstay tension, where you make the inital setup adjustment which then works to that position each time. Anyway thats enough for now as at my typing speed I seem to have been at this for hours. Any questions just ask.[:-snorkel]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

HOhohohoho…fumbling with switches. I’m sailing a Robbe Atlantis schooner with 5 channels working now and one more planned as soon as I can cobble up one more piece…

Right stick - rudder, motor throttle
Left stick - up/down=sail control, right/left=genoa control
‘Retract’ switch - motor up/down

Planned - ‘flap’ switch to control roller reefing

Problem - dual-rate on rudder and motor… “Why isn’t the danged thing steering?”

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I sail a scale 12 metre with 4 channel radio

Right Stick ? L/R Rudder, U/D Trim tab or Canard Rudder Control
Left Stick ? L/R Genoa, U/D Main trim


I have flown a RC Sailplane, with Right Stick L/R for Ailerons and U/D for Elevator.

Left Stick L/R for Rudder and U/D for Flaps.
Airbrakes were on a Switched Channel, On/Off.

The Steering Functions need to be on a different Channel from " utilities " no matter how important they seem, if the steering is wrong - -you won’t need them!!, more so with a Plane than a Yacht.