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I am looking for information on marbleheads. I am looking for plans or a place where I can download a set a drawings. I am experience IOm skipper and designer, and I would like to try my hand at that class. I figure build one right from the drawing and use it as a bench mark to design my own
can anybody help me

Try this Mr Cougar !

I believe she was quick at last years Worlds in Italy

BG [8D]

If your looking for plans, Bantock ( sells very detailed and up to date plans, also available from Great Basin ( I saw the plans for ASTRA, they looked very accurate and you have the advantage of the possibility to buy foils and parts from Bantock directly. You may want to look at this site too ( about the Monarch, another Bantock design.
As another option you may want to check out Traplet plans (, they sell a number of plans for IOMs and Marbleheads.

Hope this helps

thanks for the information. I knew about the web site for the monarch. but did not know about the one in italy. this is one site i will check out. what do you think is the most important thing to shoot for with an marblehead. should i go for a realy light boat with a narrow bear or one that has a wide beam but is stable in all conditions?
thank again gio and the name is just Cougar( it is my nickname)

Cougar, I don?t know if I can help you in that, if you?re asking for my opinion. I build only USOM (well, I?m starting my first IOM this winter) and sail only Solings and USOM, I don?t know much about Marbleheads.
From what I understood reading around it seems to me (and I?m sure I will be corrected soon) that the development in Marbleheads has focused lately mainly on foils and rigs, for a competitive boat you need a long (max length) and stiff fin and a high tech rig. It seems to me that those boats have reached a point where the hull design has become more and more ?local wind condition? dependent.
Personally, and again I don?t know much about Marbleheads ? just a little about building boats ? if I wanted to get my feet wet with such a boat, I would get a relatively new good design with extremely detailed plans, basically would buy a plan from Sails Etc, like the monarch, build it light, and get a fin and lead bulb from Bantock, and start from there.
Hope it helps (again).

Gio thanks
I started just like you. I started to design us one meters then went to IOMs. I have 3 designs and the last one was pretty fast. you want a 7.5 inch beam. and a shallow rocker panel
this i found was the best. also keep most of the boat at 60 % behind the bow


If you are intrested in getting into Marblehead l would suggest before you go and building a new boat grab youself a good second hand boat with rigs etc… as you should know that is where most of the money goes then if you like you can go down the building route.

You can save yourself a heap of cash going this way.

Cougar, yep that?s more or less where I ended up too, measure wise.
Right now I?m building an all CF zipper III USOM (plans on line) and a balsa Triple Crown IOM??.
So far everything looks good, but I still have plently of time/occasions to mess thing up.
On the Marblehead topic you may want to check out Dario Valenza (Carbonicboats ?SP) web site too, as I remembered he had detailed information?s about design ideas and construction.
Good luck with your projects.
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does anybody have an idea which would be the fastest marblehead out there? I know the fastest IOm out there are the ts2 and ikon from bantock

I know that this is a Marblehead thread, but I just need to know some information about the USOM Zipper III plans and their location. Gio, are you referring to the condensed line drawings of the Zipper III on the yahoo us1m website as the plans you are using for the Zipper III or are you referring to the Zipper plans on the US1M link at AMYA as Zipper III plans?

The ones at the AMYA plans link are Zipper I plans. The ones at the Yahoo site are just condensed jpg’s of the original plans for info purposes ONLY. They are not accurate enough to be used as plans. If the plans are not accurate, then the hull that is built will not be a true representation of what I designed. Jim Linville, the USOM class secretary has the accurate plans and has worked diligently to reproduce them accurately. He has already received numerous requests for these plans.

I am concerned that the hull that you are building, if built from the jpg’s on the Yahoo site, will not possess the same characteristics as the hull that I designed. I know that the hull will be critiqued based on a variety of iterations made by different builders using the same plans, but when criticism is levied against the design based on an inaccurate reproduction of the plans from a little picture on a discussion group… I shudder.

Gio, please let us all know: From where did you get the Zipper III plans that you are using?

If you have the ability to build a fast fairly light boat you may want to try one of the plans Bantock has available. The Monarch is an offshoot of the Prime Number which has been very successfull in Europe. The Astra is a little bit older but came in the top 5 at the worlds a couple years ago. I don’t know of many other available plans of recent origin. The key to speed in the M class is you fin and rig. If you have trouble with making a thin deep fin spend the money on that and on a rig and sails. Opinions vary on what is the fastest boat because they are a little condition specific. On the West Coast you will find guys who swear by the Scapel. On the east coast the Pinter, Toast, Viper and Pirahna are good boats in light air but the Scapel kicks butt in 4 to 10 knots of wind. The Prime Number/Monarch is a boat that can handle the Scapel in higher ranges and has the ability to do fairly well in the lower ranges. General opinion is that the hull is now and afterthought to the fin and rig because they are all fairly round and skinny and basically serve to hold the rig up. I recommend a swing rig for your A rig and you can go to standard rigs from B on down. I sail 90% of the time with the A rig (up to 10 knots). Invest some money in a good one along with the fin and you should have a good boat right out of the shoot.


Don’t be thinking that the TS2 is the fastest IOM out there. If really is not at all, as there are many boats as fast or faster, including my Mist, the Cockatoo, Bandit, Stealth, Disco, any of the Martin Firebrace designs, and many more.


Geo received the Zipper III plans directly from Jim Linville. I believe these are the full size new III plans. He will be building this boat along side some very experienced hull builders over the winter such as Jim Linville and Hal Robertson and others from the MMYC. I’m sure Geo will chine in, but I know he’s buried with work these days.

greg I did not meen to put down your IOMs but i have seen the ts2 accelerate. and nothing i have can compete. at the top end we are at the same speed. but the ts2 get there faster, that is what i see. I would like to see what a disco can do. but i have seen what bandit and cockatoo can do. do you agree with bob that i should be shooting for a light boat narrow and round?. I can build a light/strong fin, and concentrate on the rig? I think i will be building the berlingo. that gio sent me too. since I am new to this class, i dont want to throw money into a hole. my wife is just new to sailing and she is now up to speed with the us i meter and is now driving my old IOM. which she finds is fast for her. she is getting better, but not up to marbleheads yet. that is for me to lead her
thanks people for all the info and help


I know you are not putting down any IOMs, not to worry that anyone should think so. Just to note though, I do hope that I didn’t make it sound like I had anything to do with any of the boats that I mentioned besides owning the Mist. Interesting that the Mist is one of the narrower IOMs and the TS2 about the widest and they are both about equally competitive. The Mist is quicker in light to moderate winds I believe.

The Ms are quite nice boats. I have an older Archer II. About 13 years old I think, and it is a very competitive boat. I don't race it much due to the fact that Ms are not around that much in region 1. You certainly are jumping into a very expensive class with this boat. I understand the desire to be able to build a competitive boat, but to be real competitive you may be looking a many hundreds to thousands of $$ for rigs alone. This may be one reason that the M class is thinning out here in the US. 

Any way I would agree that thin is the way to go with any lightweight class. Even the IOMs were in the original thinking that wide was better, but as some here will attest to, thin is now proving to be quite impressive in this heavier weight class also.
My US1M is on of the thinner out there and it is quite quick. Just remember though that these thin, light displacement boats are more challenging to sail. As we have discussed here before, the 10/10 tuning range is much narrower with light skinnys.

Hi Steve,
I’m sorry I caused some concern about the Zipper plans. As Greg mentioned I got the plans from Jim L. (I was one of the first to request a copy) those are a full size copy of your original Zipper III. I called them “free on line plans” because Jim mention his intention to transform them as PDF and post them along the other free plans with the construction guide. I never tried to blow-up the one posted on the USOM yahoo site.
Since I got the plans I always wanted to send you an E-Mail to tell you about my intention to build the boat, but I never manage to get to it.
Sorry, and well thank you too, for your concern,

I think you are right about me jumping into a more costly group. but i dont expect to be competitive right off the bat. my first IOM was called cutlass. but to the people in my model club , it was the b an b boat, broomstick and bedsheets. now I did not take offense to this because all i had for money was in the hull. the very next year the perfomance of the hull/boat improved gretaly because i was able to go out and get used sails from a friend and a real mast , not a 6 foot pine dowel. everybody here sounds like they know want they are talking about. And i want to be a part of it. i will stay in the IOM for now because i have a family but i want to better myself and maybe just help others out