Kiwi's hula gap

Just for the record here
i like cris dickson. i like his agressive nature, and with peter holmgren. i tought they had a realy good team. almost on par with rc and bb. but i think dickson with butterworth . would have beaten rc and holmgren. but that is just my opion

Brett - yes, I know, I was just taking that idea a step further.

The Other Matt

At no time has NZL ever had more than one challenge or defence team.
In 87 the one syndicate had the 2 “identical” plastic 12’s


there was 3 plastic fantastics in 87 . i am looking at one of my book right now. pg 55 of the offiacal record shows 3 kz boats and they where sponsored by thre bank of new zealand. now i think one was a trial horse boat because in the pic . the sail look just wrecked
i think by loking back on some old issues there was only one boat that raced kz7 but maybe there was 3 for practice?
I like this thread not attack , just healthy disagreements. and matt when you say skiff? would a flying dutchman fall into that class? i dont think so. that is the only boats i have ever raced
i would have loved to have taken a ride on one of the old 12. and for the money. I think anyone of us. would gladly do it for food money. me on oracle. feed me and provide shelter and you would have me do anything

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and matt when you say skiff? would a flying dutchman fall into that class? i dont think so. <hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”></blockquote id=“quote”></font id=“quote”>
I think your answering me from a diiferent thread here! I’ll answer anyway… An FD is not a skiff, Its a fast dingy, its pretty heavy, it carries a symetrical kite. Skiffs all genrally have a similar hull shape, Fine bow opening out to large flat sections aft, with little in the way of rocker and very little freeboard. They are normaly very light and carry alot of sail. They all have racks or wings and usualy a trap for each crew member, though there are hiking skiffs. Usually they carry an asymetric kite from a bowsprit offwind, with a no or little overlap on the jib and a fathead/squaretop main.
Examples; 18&12foot skiffs, 49er, 29er, B14, RS800/700/600 (700&600 are single handers), most modern Int14’s…
Some big boats are of a similar way to, like Ultra 30’s and the new Full Pelt.

Luff 'em & leave 'em.


Yes, you are right. Sorry about that.