Internet Sailing Course.

You don’t need to cross the rope. It’s like going around a race-car track.

I understand that, but there is a rope on both sides of the buoy!

So, now that I saw your post Ian, I gather that you will put an anchor on the windward buoy. Which, of course, would make sense.

Had a small “Senior Moment” today as I was preparing my “Internet Course” for some timed runs over Easter.:skull:

I thought it would look really cool if the leeward rounding mark was a bright colour to assist the timing start and finish.
Yeah great, grab some “Dazzle” ( fluorescent pink ) and mask up to just coat the end , should look great.:timebomb2

Duh, hello Ian, you should have tried a scrap first mate…:jump:

The bloody foam starts melting dosen`t it.
It looks a bit strange but should be OK. Anyway I will be using it so it is not a major, just a reminder to try before you spray or apply anything on to foam.:tapedshut