Infinity 54

I’ve seen some really great pictures of a boat called the Infinity 54–does anyone know much about their sailing characteristics/perfomance in comparison to other similar sized boats? From the pictures they look like they have some nice lines… The rig looks pretty straight forward too.


We have one Infinity here in Hawaii. I always thought it was a great boat at a great price.I DON’T KNOW WHY IT DIDN’T DO BETTER. It sails well in light air and in heavy air. It is being promoted by the new AMYA secretary. Look at Honest Ahab and the Infinity class. I had too many boats to get into another class. I had a Santa Barbara and a Soling 50 at the time. It was designed and built by John Amen. 100 were built. The Infinity class has the molds and are looking for a builder.

The boat was designed by Terry Allen of San Diego and John Amen of Petaluma (both National R/C Champions) about ten years ago. The purpose was to create a high performance one design with sailing characteristics similar to fast, contemporary r/c racers. It was the first AMYA One Design where everything (except the radio gear) came with the boat kit. Fleets were initially established in San Diego, New York, San Fransisco, Texas and Florida. The class however never built enough momentum and today the main focus of activity is in Northern California. The boat is still fast and sails well.

How does the boat handle/sail in winds that are in excess of 12 knots? It would be nice to eventually own a boat that has good manners in heavier air…