In new Zealand and having a Blast!

So made it to new zealand. Most AC camps are all packed up, but still awesome to walk around and see things. Going to sail an older cup boat today (formerly nippon jpn40) Saw the Big Boat up on blocks. Found it rather intersting to look at the underside of the bow. There was an access panel that really made it look like they were playing with a forward foild on that boat at some point. definately intersting to see. I will try to post the pic I took if it soon.
Wandered around the harbours for a while, and found Smack (for those of you who read sailing anarchy) sitting up on the blocks next to a row of hobie magic 25’s Sitting there eye balling it when one of the owners walked up. Really nice guy. Talked to me for a while about it. Have took a picture or two of it, but couldnt get too close as it was locked in a cage. All I can say is boy is that bulb small and keel long!!! they had the forward dagger out while they were doing some work. They said it should be back in the water by the time I am back in auckland and could check her out in the water when I am back this way. Hopefully that pans out.
Ill go see if I can post some pictures here, but they might be too large and have to wait till im back in the states and have FTP access to another server. Hopefully meeting up with the wind warrior boys later in the week.

have a great one!!!

tb Glad you are enjoying my hometown, remember that the IOM’s race on Saturday afternoons on the quarry lake at Lake Pukuke on the North Shore (just across the bridge). I wish I could say the same, here I am in the middle of Ohio (Canton/ Massillon) working 12-14 hours days and plus this coming weekend. I haven’t seen any lakes some I don’t if there’s any rc sailing here, but I saw a model shop in Massillon "Wheels Wings & Waves thats the closests I good get to sailing.

John B

maybe you have pictures of what the camps looked like. it must have been a madhouse in december
and you just might get a chance to see oracle and alinghi