Ian Vickers's V3 IOM design

Hi all,

Is there anybody who has information (& photos) about Ian Vickers’s IOM desing V3? I would very much like to buy a V3 and I want to know more about the boat; tuning tips, performance in different airs, etc. I am interested in all.


check out http://www.magicksails.com/KiwiSails9.html

and http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~v3tech/

One of our Dallas area skippers has a V3 and I can say that the combination of his skills and the boat make for a winning combination. The boat is as fast as anything in our diverse fleet.


The V5 version is going in to production soon in Wellington NZ. I have my name down for one.

Ian has won the 2003 NZ Nats, 2003 North Harbour Champs,& 2004 North Harbour Champs in the V5.

Thank you all for the details.
John, what are the differences between the V3 and V5? What are the contact info for the manufacturer of the V5?
Does anyone knows if Roy Longbord USA 70 used a V3 boat in the 2003 US Nationals?


The boat I sailed in the US Nationals (and the IOM Worlds) was Ian Vicker’s personal boat. (I guess you could call it the “V2”). The V3 is the production version of this boat. The V5 is a totally new design from Ian.