How about "Vision Sail" ?

Diff. from Cars Sail. or Walrus in Sailing ?


Joey, you got an url???
I have no idea about these (Vision)sails yet!


Walrus are nice and the price is great
Carr sails are GREAT…you pay what you get!!


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

U can see in Wis.


I?ve seen their link from the AMYA site.

Sails are a tough thing Joey. I am assuming that Vision is a relatively new manufacture of RC sails, so I know that I have never seen a suit in real life. The best I could tell you is to get more in touch with the class members of the sails he makes. Seems mostly Seawind and Victoria. I would ask around at there web sites I guess and see if anyone their has experience with them

What boat are you needing sails for?

Added this;
To further answer your question, yes, I am sure they are different from Carr and other sailmakers. All sailmakers have their own cuts that make their sails perform in different ways with different tuning styles in different winds. You will certainly find the biggest difference in their luff curves and max. draft points

Greg V

I am very active in the Seawind rc forum, anyway most of the guyb there sail class rule, one day I talked about Carr sail…OMG, some almost killed me lol…some use Walrus sails, never heard about Vision…will need to check out…Walrus 55 USD
Vision 75 USD
Carr’s 120USD

worth a try dont you think


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Thanks for your all answer.

Especially you Grag V. in " You will certainly find the biggest difference in their luff curves and max. draft points. "

Wis. I think you saw my post about Wallrus that you answer me.I see a sailor use Walrus just like you.But It’s didn’t work in light wind in thailand.(Sure because I used to sail her.) That why I ask for another.Now we try to get competition every 2 months in Bangkok and I ry to find the suitable for the wind in different seasons.The good thing to do now I try to watch the speed with 2 boat in diff. sails.

that why I find who get and play in each sail or all sails.

I see your web every week Wis. thanks for all in that.But If you get another pictures of her in tide wind.Pls post in your gallery.I can see the wave on the water and know what happen to her.

You can see me in this Thai webboard “RC CYBER CENTER” Example post.

and My “Fortune 612” Modified sails and servo

Sorry that you can’t read Thai but Let’s see hers

Thank you


Just a question…what do you call light wind…'cause i have no problem at all in light winds…maybe a setup problem…not sure


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!