Hot molding clear platch Hatch covers?

To see this hatch in on the water testing please look at page 2 here

Hatch looks good,may borrow the idea since it is an International standard. Hope no one is offended.I am not in the habit of using other peoples ideas,but this is a good one and will help others keep there boats working and dry.

That is why I posted the idea here of course, so that others can try it. The 'Pringles’TM lid is an ‘international standard’ as I called it for fun, the rings are a part of a new kit development but I am sure you can work those out from what I have described here. Once I have them finalised I plan to offer the rings as an accessory kit which can be used on anyones home cut deck.

Sharing our ideas and new developments of old ideas is what keeps this class special I think. We know that once an idea is posted in this public domain we have given it freely and cannot hope to control it’s use even if we wished to. Perhaps I can reciprocate the complement (immitation is the sincerest form of flattery).


Perhaps so Graham,But you should be aware that I have taken steps to protect at least one of my ideas.And you may well see the idea in the hands of a large company who will not be shy about protecting it as I understand it.
Somehow I don’t think the “Pringles” lid will have much of an impact on sailing worldwide as some other ideas from this class.
Its a shame I know,but my family has to eat and this is one way of ensuring that they do.

Well my appologies for contrubuting so little…

Brett - You are sounding a little portentous in your recent posts. Are you becomming the Darth Vader of Footydom? Whats up?

For my sake and that of other manufacturers who may be influenced by your described ideas I must ask more. Can you tell us exactly which idea you have patented and details of the patent please. Once said, it needs to be made clear because none of us want to stumble into problems unknowingly. As you are aware I asked your permission to use the McRig over a year ago and I think it is obvious that I have respected your negative answer without question. I continue to do so but more clarity when it comes to legal matters would be most helpful.


[quote=Brett;45240]And you may well see the idea in the hands of a large company who will not be shy about protecting it as I understand it.

Yikes … you sold your patent to Doug Lord??? :scared:

relax - just kiddin’ :zbeer:

WOW Graham,
You must really like my ideas!!
Give me a call sometime if you want a chat! more than happy to talk Footys!

Wsn’t there a chap in the 1890s who managed by sheer legal finagling to get a US patenton the motor car? Unsurprisingly he was himself a lawyer and contributed no new ideas of any merit - except for some interesting wrinkles in patent law.

Anyway I’m on the side of the Hornblowers. See Boyle’s Law.

I am not sure how that answers the question Brett? The whole point about patents is that they be made public knowlege so that they cannot act as traps for the unwary. You said that one of your ideas was in the process of being protected and I would like to ask which one.

ScaleSailing is a business which helps to feed my family too so I do not like to be offered up a vague warning without knowing the details. Especially when I have done nothing to warrant it.