Heading to NZ. . . what to see?

So Im heading to New Zealand next week for my honeymoon. . . where our money is worth almost double!!! woo hoo. Anyhow, was wondering if there is anything should be trying to see, RC sailing related or otherwise. I have already talked to people at wind warrior about hopefully seeing the ultimate warrior sailing on the water. Any other must sees?

And before it starts, I assure you, if I am carrying a new boat back for anyone. . . its for me!!! sails or foils might be another story though.
Any good source for Keels over there I should check out?

If you are comming to Wellington then you can get to sail my AC15.

nerds of the wold untie

The Christchurch Model Yacht Club - 2ndo oldest model sailing club in the world. Say ‘Hi’ to Rob Condliffe and Simon from Rob Stagis… If you wanna see their site, google them. Awesome guys.

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Graeme, Wind in the Willows.

Contact Martin Firebrace or Jeff Smales, they can let you know about r/c racing in Auckland. The local club races both Marbleheads and IOMs on the weekends. But I here from a few friends its still pretty cold right now…

tb congratulations for your big day

You willn’t have time to look at model boats while you are down here. NZ might be small but the scenery is great wherever you go, North or South Islands.

But if you want to get sidetracked the North Shore Radio Yacht Squadron races the following classes on Lake Pukuke of coruse on the North Shore in Auckland
IOM’s Saturday 1:00 pm
Marbleheads Sunday 10:30am
Wind Warriors Sunday 1:00pm

I think the Electrons race on Onepoto Basin Sunday mornings.

IOM are raced every second Sunday at Northrn Maritime Model Society on Wattle Farm South Auckland.

If you travels take you to the Bay of Islands the Kerikeri RadioYacht Squadron races IOM’s.

Sorry but I am heading your direction on the 30th Sept.

Check out Alans web Site www.radioyachting.com