Graupner crystal

OK I have this Graupner D8 Transmitter/Receiver that was bought in France. IT is was never used and is brand new. The problem is that I now live in Canada and I can’t find crystals for this radio.
How can I chabge the channel so that it’s legal over here? Is there any compatible crystals?

You can not just change the crystal. You need to change the entire RF deck in the transmitter.
This will also involve buying a new receiver.
Honestly, you are better off selling the radio to someone back in Europe and picking yourself up a new radio that is already legal for use in North America.
I am guessing that your radio is on 44 MHz?

The only frequencies you can use for surface vehicles here, are 75 MHz, 27 MHz, and 53 MHz. There are a few other obscure ones, but those are the most common.

Peter R.