Fortune 612 v/s Sea Dolphin 770

So, which of both has the better sailing qualities and porportional higher top speed?

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A friend of mine has a Fortune, but I’ve never seen a Sea Dolphin. The Sea Dolphin is larger (around 30" compared to 24" for the Fortune) and has more sail area, so my guess (only that) is that the Sea Dolphin’s performance would be better. The Fortune (mostly due to it’s size I think) has trouble in winds above 10mph–it gets over powered pretty easily I think.


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I’ve posted this on the Seawind forum too…but just for info, and only for the Japanese market as for now…


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seadolphin pics at

I own a Fortune 612 and 2 Victorias and its a bit like comparing apples and oranges.
There is a 770 in our club and it has similar boat speed to the victoria.
Victorias sail faster in all conditions exept in the 0-3 knot range then the light weight Fortune 612 can beat them. Over 3 Knots the larger boats blow the fortune away.
Good Luck.

just another question…what about the price??
Here in Japan, the Fortune is so cheap…13.000 Yen everything included…just add batteries.


PS I heard that in strong winds the mainsail boom is kind of too soft.

if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

I own a Fortune 612 …The same as you “ozziedave01” it’s better in light wind.
I change
1.Sail servo to Hitec HS-645MG
2.Change all Booms to be cabonfiber Dia. 6 mm.

It’s better for the moderate wind but It’s not easy to sail in tide wind.

You can see her in board is in Thai.Let’s see pics in 3 pages. But Theren’t new boom pics now.

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