Footy on the cheap!!

Heres an idea,with some good and bad points.
In my sons toybox today I “found” a 1/20 scale r/c car,a cheap Chinnese one worth less than $15.
The car runs on 4 AA cells which makes it Footy class legal…so I stripped the body off it and put it on the scales.about 200g.The same as a normal 2 channel radio setup.
Next step…put the car inside a Footy hull…it fits.
Attach the front wheel steering outputs to a transom hung rudder…looks like it would work.
Attach a winch drum in place of the back wheels and use mechanical stops (a ball on the sheet rope) to limit the winch travel…looks like that would work to.
Range of the car is crap…so longer antenna on TX and RX and double volts to TX,works on the smaller micro cars(Ive done it) so should work on this one to.
Steering will be pretty much “bang” “Bang” but hey you got yourself a new yacht for $20 complete,can’t be bad for kids or those on a budget…or just for the heck of it.

Are you suggesting that we go find the kind of r/c gear you have? I’ve only seen the larger kind of r/c cars that use 8 AA cells ( or a7.2V pack) that you normally think of or see at a Radio Shack store. The smaller ones usually have the 49 MHz radios…

I think Brett is suggesting that we “Find” [SIZE=2]stuff we can use in childrens [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Toy boxes.:devil2:
O my God will any child be safe ever again.:splat:[/SIZE]

I tried going to the "Toys ‘R’ Us long ago. You get those strange looks when you arethere out of season.

We really like it in the scale section of our club when someone brings out a boat with “toy” equipment, it gives us some retreaval practice with our model tugs.


Same guy had visions of making wakes since the sales guy rold him it was the ‘fastest and best boat.’

I have modified the TX to increase the power supply,have made a longer antenna.
Modded the RX with a longer antenna as well.
Range is now at least 50 metres which is acceptable for a footy.
Now to install the “car” into a footy hull.

Thanks for the encouragment steamboatmodel.