fixing to get started in this in next month or two

A decision has been made: starting with a Footy hull.
Just joined FootyUSA Yahoo Group.

Hull design will be a sharpie/scow hybrid based on something found the other day while farting around in Google while I couldn’t sleep.

Second sketch down, figure 2C.
Add a little deadrise, a wee bit of flare to the sides, and away we go!

Think I want to see if a junk rig could be fabricated; battens, rope parrels and all. Maybe with result being something like a junk rigged catboat? That’s gonna be interesting.

Next question, What the h*** do I think I’m doing ?!?!?!? :lol:

Here is a beautiful example of balsa Footy.

See Post #9 by Flavio

Sharpie/scow hybrid with a junk rig!! Oh, Yeah!! Now that’s the road to addiction. Just remember that most health care providers don’t cover this form of sickness. If you have never built or sailed an R/C yacht, I would really recommend getting a kit for your first build. You’re much more likely to end up with a boat that’s going to balance well & sail good. The bigger the boat, the easier it will be to sail. The smaller you go, the more the Laws of Scale come into play and magnify any design, set-up or operator flaws. Don’t under estimate the beauty of the V-32s “RTR” status. You can be down at the lake sailing the day after you get it in the mail (near instant gratification). They sail pretty well in light air and will take a fair amount of wind before things get ugly. They look nice enough to have on display in your living room & look even better on the water. The keel only draws about 8 inches so it’s less likely to become fouled compared to deeper draught fin keel designs. A red jib, white main, blue hull & the wooden deck make a sharp looking boat. Victor will send you color samples if you request them. After you gain some stick time you’ll be much better prepared to tackle a scratch built Footy. If you do decide to jump right in to scratch built Footys, try at first to resist the urge to get too elaborate. Simplicity & reliability always seem to win the day.

Happy Yachting - Kip

I just recently purchased a Nirvana II sail boat from SailRc and I cannot say enough about the Boat or the secvice I received after the sail. I took the boat to the lake at our camping resort over the weekend and since I have never sailed before I was concerned about how I would handle various situations. The Nirvana is very forgiving and allowed me to build my confidence level. I am not ready to race just yet but I’m learning.

I would recommend contacting the Mid-Missouri Model Sailing Club ( and plan a visit to see one of the race day events they hold. One good thing they do is handicap the starts so beginners are given a head start. I know because our club ( has implemented a similar system which is helping us grow membership. They also have a simplified 2 page set of racing rules. They would be a good model for starting a club in your town.

M3SC is located 90 miles to your West right off hwy 40.