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Does anyone out there have some close up photos/blueprints of their electronics layouts? I just purchased a Nightmare short kit from Ian Sammis and am trying to get some ideas on how to arrange the electronics. The main hull is much narrower than any other boat I’ve had, so I know fitting it all in will be a challenge. It would be nice to see some multihull pics, but electronics pictures from Marbleheads would probably be informative too given the fact that I may eventually be using an M rig on the boat. Thanks in advance.



Here is the system I use in my fairwind. It is quite a wide hull, but this arrangement is quite compact and very simple. It should work well in a narrow hull.

The sail servo is in the middle. The rudder servo is on the right and the reciever is on the left. since the sail servo is usually the biggest and heaviest component, you can get it centered and lower in the boat with this arrangement.

It should work with a sail winch servo instead of an arm servo as well.

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Good luck!

  • Will

Will Gorgen


Thanks for the picture. However, I don’t think an arm winch will be ideal–the main hull is less than 6" wide, which will mean a drum winch will have to work. I have a Seawind, and it also has an arm wich, which doesn’t help me unfortunately. This will be the first boat I’ve had to ‘build’ from the bare hull shells so it will be an experience (but a fun one I hope) Thanks again for the picture.


Andy, one thing I’ve learned about fast multihulls is that you can’t be too watertite. Don’t rely on the main hull not getting water in it! So ,for instance, if you use a Guyatt winch make sure it is physically isolated from the insides of the main hull. Great Basin has a little jar available for this purpose. You not only have to protect the electronics from water getting in when the boat is upright at firehose intensity you have to make sure that the winch drum(s) etc are sealed so nothing gets ruined if the boat turtles…
When I get the first X3 done I’ll post a picture somewhere showing the separate module that rides sort of “piggyback” on the main hull that 100% isolates the electronics and provides a watertite space for them…
Good Luck with the boat!

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

Andy, Here are a few pictures of what I have to offer. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but just ask if you want to know something else.

Will. nice clean job on the interior. Looks great

This I think would be best of what I think might work well. This is in my US1M and is very compact. Futaba 5801 and Futaba 3003 side by side with battery box just in front.

This is my First Soling with a 5801 and mini rudder servo on one side of the keel trunk and the battery box and RX on the other http://members.tripod.com/~ghmyc_1m/soling_int_gv.JPG

Second Soling has removable board so with two screws everything comes out in one shot.http://members.tripod.com/~rcsail/INT_Soling5.JPG

Marblehead with Whirlwind winch, futaba 3003 ruder and futaba 3802 jib trim side by side with battery and RX box just aft. http://members.tripod.com/~rcsail/M4.JPG

Star 45 with RMG and Futaba 3003 in line with battery beside 3003. http://members.tripod.com/~rcsail/INT_STAR0.JPG

IOM has a molded tray just under the deck which holds a 5801 and a 3003 side by side. Wires lead to plastic canaster which holds battery and RX. http://members.tripod.com/~rcsail/INT_IOM8.JPG

Doug & Greg,

I appreciate greatly the info and pictures. In fact, those pictures are EXACTLY what I was looking for. I will save those for futher study, and also I downloaded some plans for a US One Meter boat on the AMYA web site that outlines a drum winch setup, so that should help too. Since you brought up the water tight issue Doug, how have you made your hatches on your boat? I realize some things are trade secrets, but if you can give me some ideas… again, this boat will be the first one that I’ve owned where the hatches and hatch covers weren’t already provided! (I’ve been spoiled!) Do you use round or square/rectangular covers? How do you get them to provide a waterproof seal?

This boat will be built slowly–piece by piece… basically when I get the money for another part, I’ll buy it and put it on, then wait and buy the next and so forth. I have another boat under construction at the moment so the f48 is ‘in line’ to be built. Can’t help to gather as much info as possible.


Andy, the “piggyback” module for the X3 is made in two halves with a watertite jar top with screw cover glued into the top half for access to plug in the receiver( I don’t use a switch).The two halves are bolted and siliconed together. When access to the whole inside is necesary(which won’t be often) the bolts are removed and a thin razor blade used to slice thru the silicone.
The battery is in its own waterproof container riding on the outside of the back deck to allow some F&A trim adjustment;pictures of the F3 on my site show this arrangement I think.

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing