CR-914 Class

Hello All! I am new to your forum although I have been in the rc landsailing discussion already. My question is are there any owners of the CR-914 out there? I am looking for standing rigging for my CR. My friend who is much further along with his has what I believe to be Amsteel 1/16 " line. It seems it is not made anymore. Any ideas? We also use this on our rc landsailers. Help![:-banghead] Thanks, baycityrclandsailor

goto a fishing store and look for braided dacron or spectra, not spiderwire, but braided line. any hardcore fishing store will have it. thats where i got my rigging line for my victoria, esentially the same boat.

i love tinkering with these boats it takes up time i’m sure my girfreind is going to hate it soon

Thanks for the fast reply express27. We do have some big time fishing stores here so I will give that a try. Happy Sailing! baycityrrclandsailor

1/16" standing rigging on a CR914? That seems awfull heavy.

check this out.

7 strand stainless wire. .015 thick (1/64")
Plenty of strength for a CR914.
We also carry braided Dacron, and several other types of “soft” standing and running rigging.

It is available in any length from our on line store.

Peter R.


You are correct! I misspoke myself on the diameter, it is 1/64. Is there some type of butt connector that one would use on this type of rigging? I’m going to check out your site right now. Thanks again for the replys! John - baycityrclandsailor -

We have rigging crimps for holding the wire to fittings like turnbuckles and eyelets.

They are on the same page as the other supplies.

Those Landsailors are slick. I have to get one of those! We have a 600 square mile lake that is flat as glass when it freezes. I bet we could cover a good part of it in a day with one of them.

Peter R.


They are a gas too! Another question, will this wire work on bowsies? If not, does your other product have very low stretch and is it easy to tie into a bowline? And by the way, were is this perfect ice! I haven’t been able to find usable ice all winter here in Michigan. I’ve been trying to beat the ice record but ice conditions have kept me from that. I’ll be using the rigging wire(or line) on both the CR-914 and the T3.(my custom landyacht) Thanks - John - www.baycityrclandsailors

The CR-914 rules are pretty strict and if you are interested in having a class legal boat you may want to check out the class rules first, I?m not sure but I believe that the standing rigging in this class has to be non-metallic, in this case your best option would be some spider wire fishing line sold at any department store with a fishing section.
But I maybe wrong (I don?t own a CR914).

By the way, you have a cool website, I wanted to get into land yacht?? are you selling any of your models? I like the solid wing one?? very impressive.


Though I don’t own one either, I have sailed one before, and I don’t think they would allow any metallic wire for shrouds. The boat is a strict one design, so kit or ‘kit-like’ materials are all that are allowed.


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