Camber Board

Can somebody provide a detailed description or maybe some drawings/plans for a camber board? A friend of mine would like to try making some sails.

Try this link:

Then check the “Library”. David Acree does a great job of providing building information - and - answering your questions.

If available, try using some thin gauge sheet metal instead of wood. Clean it up and clear spray it to keep from rusting. Then use magnetic backed tape to hold your sail material in place. (like the stuff they use for refrigerator magnets!) Unlike masking tape, it allows easy repositioning if your need to slide the material around a bit.

Thanks to Alan Hayes (NZ) for the tip/idea on using metal with magnetic tape.

Here is a photo of Alan’s board. You can see the magnetic strips (white) across the mylar holding it in place. Also if you look closely, you can see small wood wedges directly under the seam between the two panels. Moving the wedges in or out adjusts the about of camber being put into the broad-seams. This is a nice feature that you can do easily with this split, two piece metal board, but not with the wood type of block that has a fixed angle.

Metal Sail Building Board: [ smMvc-230f.jpg]( lemke/20044220525_smMvc-230f.jpg)

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I read all the material on the myrc and I wasn’t able to find a description or drawings about a camber board. Can you confirm the information is on the myrc system?

i have it saved ill email it to you

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