Building a Wingmast Rig

Ray -

here is photo of a wingsail that was on a full-size cat that was in my big-boat class. Also a line drawing (reduced) for a solidwing that I’ve had on the “proposed project list since … I don’t know when !” I had a friend who was an r/c glider hobbyest draw it up for me to stay within the 1400 square inch limit for F-48/Mini40… but at this size, it would be strictly for light wind. Could go much smaller for heavy wind, as it has so much power compared to a softsail.


EDIT: ADDED ---- both are single flap for camber. All the new stuff is two and sometime three flap.

Thanks Dick, some more really useful information.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the current leading edge (excuse the pun) wingsails have three articulated sections. I’m going to start with two - I want to learn and be reasonably confident that build a rig light enough that it won’t capsize the boat!


Dick, I’ve been studying your line drawing; how did you envisage getting the flap pivots working?

Also, with this approach, essentially an articulated aerofoil section there is a discontinuity created by needing the ‘v’ grooves to allow the ‘flap’ to move relative to the leading section - does this introduce turbulence, drag, whatever that will reduce the efficiency. With the design that Bill introduced and which you included an image of there are two seperate aerofoil sections? Apologies for the questions but, as I said before, I would like to learn.

The line drawing that you included pixelates badly if you zoom, any chance of mailing me something I could potentially work from?


I had an idea similar (but not identical) to the base shown on the “blue wing” posted earlier. Originally, I didn’t want to mess with servos, but since the thought in 2000 - 2001, and the advent of the miniature/digital servos, I might reconsider.

I also had an idea of a flap camber limiter using a pivot and fixed line like an “outhaul” to preset camber. Wouldn’t be good in variable winds as you have to come ashore to re-adjust camber if you guessed wrog. Not good during a race…either too full or too flat. One thing is the amount of power generated, so it isn’t necessary to have as tall a rig as a softsail.

I will look around - as I recall asking a guy here at work to print me full size sections so I could begin building, and he was busy with several new buildings so never got done.

Ray - PM me with your email address. I have that big wing in DWG format. Because it’s nearly 6 feet tall as drawn, you will need a large printer to print, although you can use a free DWG viewer to look at it closer.

I’ve also broken the drawing into two sections - upper and lower, so once you have lower “ribs” you can reproduce/lasercut as many as you need. The carbon tube changes size at point where top of wing begins to taper. Anyway - if I have your email, I’ll send you all the drawings and JPEG images that I have for the wing.

When I get home, I’ll post a sketch of how I envisioned my manual adjust ment flap system would work.