Ballast / Displacement Ratio

Who’s using what? Who would target what in an ideal world? 50/50? 40/60? Again I’m guessing bigger boat data may not be as instructive as we’d wish.

i’m gonna try a 38% bulb this sunday. we’ll see what it does…

What does that mean Nigel, 38% ballast ratio? I thought you posted that your total weight on the water was 400g, that means a 152 gm (5.5 oz ?) keel. That’s a really light boat, I’m jealous.

yep, your calculations are right. the one bulb actually came out at 150gm.

i also have a 125gm bulb, and still want to make a 140gm, 160gm, and
170gm bulb, for an assortment to muck with.