150-Lb Dacron Line

Is there a supplier for the 100-lb dacron line? I’m out of the old spool with the thin struff. The bowsie on the thin line I had kept slipping.

I’d only need about 40 yards, so maybe somebody could sell me some off their spool?


You might want to consider switching to spectra line which is less than a third the diameter for the same strength and close to zero stretch (if it is pre-creeped).
Cabela’s and kite suppliers may sell both…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

No, I don’t want to use spectra line on something that is adjustable with a bowsie. The reason it was slipping( costed me 5! DNFs!) is because it was too small to jam the bowsie. I need line that is c. 1.4 - 2mm diameter.

Do you really need the 150 lb. test?

Check local (or mail order) sporting good stores and look for the black dacron bait casting line. I have about 1/2 reel full, but no idea what the test is. Also seem to remember seeing same at a WalMart store locally. Not too common because most want the monofilament line. My black Dacron line works fine with homemade bowsies. Try making your own, and drill smaller holes as another solution.

I use 90lb spectra because it is the smallest spectra line that won’t get caught between the sheave and cheek on a pekabe block.
I also use it with bowsies on mainsheet adjustment,jib adjustment ,spinnaker sheet adjustment,spinnaker halyard adjustment and spinnaker downhaul adjustment with zero slippage and easy adjustment. I use the pekabe bowsie which is an hour glass shape with a half turn around it; works perfectly…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

I tried some Spectra stuff I had in the other box. I’ll let you know when I break that.

I’m just really frustrated right now. I put several hundred hours into building my odom a few years ago, and I haven’t finished a heat yet this year and it is turning out to be a real lemon, gets worse every year. Probably because of all my homemade hardware and rig. The sails never set right either, hatch leaks like a sieve, and is extremely difficult to steer.

Where are you using it that it is slipping.

why dont you just replace the bowsies,use ones with smaller holes

Over here we make our own bowsies out of steering arms(the ones supplied with radio gear) just cut and shape them up and make sure you leave four holes in them.

I use spectra line through them and have never had one slip. In fact they are pretty hard to adjust on land.


just a little experince and a small story for you.
my wife and i was at a reggata, last year. and 2 day affiar. the satuday the wind was about 30 knt- with gust to i figure close to 50. most of the IOM could not go out. my old design went out. the hull , that everybody told me was all wrong. that hull went out and loved it. but on the last leg. the main started to come down. the sail had snapped 80 lb test. so you need atleats 80 lbs. the main had never come down in over 5 years. but in those conditions. i needed it
keep in mind. over enginnering is not a bad thing
long live the cup