12 metre yacht linesplans

Hi Guys

I just found this forum (excellent by the way) and was hoping someone here may be able to help me out.
I want to build a new hull to go under an EC12 rig (kind of give the old girls a freshen up!) and have been looking for some specifications or lines or drawings of some of the last crop of 12 metres from 1987.
I have Australia IIs lines and have built models of her before but since these boats need all the displacement they can get I have been trying to find either Stars & Stripes 87 or KZ7 Kiwi Magic (possibly the best all-round 12 metre ever built!)
I have found a lot of photos but most are from funny angles and aren?t all that helpful.
I notice some of you guys have lines for AC class boats and thought you might know where I could find some for the old lead mine 12?s




Many of the 1987 vintage boats are lying in St. Maartin where they are used to give joyrides to tourists. I believe the company that offers those rides sells memorabilia with the line drawings on them (posters, etc.) You might want to try contacting them. I know they have Stars and Stripes in their livery as well as True North (the candian boat that was finished too late to compete in the trials). They felt that True North was a better boat than Stars and Stripes, at least for the heavy winds that they get in the Carribean Trades… THat might be a better one to emulate…

  • Will

Will Gorgen

Thanks for the lead Will, I?ll look into it.

I read somewhere that there is a book called ?Great yachts and their designers? which also has info on S&S and KZ-7. I?m hunting it down in second hand book shops now since it is out of print.

Once again, thanks for your help


There is a book called “the twelve metre yacht” by Chris Freer that has lines of Courageous, Intrepid and Australia II.